While COVID-19 pandemic rages, we safely distance ourselves and continue to pre-pro for a couple of major documentaries. In the mean time we are consolidating our videos and uploading them onto social media sites and our YouTube channel. Work in progress.

Route Awakening Season 5 has won a Gold Remi at Worldfest Houston. 

Currently producing a one-off documentary on an “edgy” history of Singapore and pre-proing a series on high-jinx island activities for NGC.



Belly of a Nation 2

It is a difficult year for everyone, but the hardest hit are people in the F&B industry. The second season of Belly of a Nation premiers October 10, 2020. The series began pre-production in early 2020, but as Covid-19 took hold, delays to production due to lockdowns began to creep up on our schedule. On the flip side, the “circuit-breaker” style of lockdown created some drama to the lives of the hawkers profiled in this season.  Their big question of survival now becomes more critical and in the aftermath of the circuit breaker, some of them have to make major decisions, whether to continue or to call it a day. The 4x 1 hr episode series, shot with single camera and over 9 months of 2020, observes the lives, trials of Singapore hawkers as they navigate the trying times of the year.

Generic trailer


The complete playlist of full episodes now available on YouTube. More than 2 million views for the entire season. 

By The Way

10 x 10 mins. Infotainment series for SingTel Jiale channel in Mandarin.

By the way is a fun and entertaining informative series hosted by Jeremy and Michelle taking audiences to places around SIngapore featuring urban relics that they would usually not take notice of.

路过不错过是一部兼具娱乐性与趣味性的信息类节目,跟随 Jeremy, 田铭耀 和 ‘一大粒’ 郑荔分的脚步,一起发现我们近在咫尺,却从未留意过的城市遗迹,让你下次路过,不错过!



Belly of a Nation

A tribute to Singapore’s Hawker Centre culture. .. with stories from multi generations of hawkers who lived through trials and tribulations as street hawkers became an institution and a national identity. But the hawker culture has a tenuous future. On the eve of Singapore’s national day, and after submission of Singapore’s Hawker Culture to Unesco’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, we bring you a 2-part series : a bare it all truths, story telling from the people inside. 

Here are the teasers for OOH [Outside of Home] 

On Air, CNA 6&& August 2019 9pm [Singapore time]

Full episodes available on YouTube. Part 1 introduces the Singapore concept of Hawker Centres. Part 2 continues with the viability of the industry as the second and third generations take over. 

A Route Awakening, Season 5

After a tumultuous year of filming and wading through administrative procedures, we’re on the back end of launching the fifth season of Route Awakening, where we feature the relics from China’s top provincial museums. Mysteries behind the relics reveal so much depth about the China’s ancient capitals and lost kingdoms. 

Presented by Dr Jonathan Clements, the series will be on air, in China, August.  Rest of the world, to be confirmed. Stay tuned. 

  • In Search of Umami, a series about the mysterious 5th dimension of taste. Now on air, Channel News Asia – here’s the link

  • The Backward Race, our AR/VR pilot available. See the official website here


  • Currently producing a new series on Umami for Channel News Asia. Featuring Robert Allison. Now in post production. Shoot took place from end of July right through to August.  Locations: Singapore, KL, Kelantan, Hanoi, Seoul and Busan.
  • Another long road trip for Route Awakening, Season 5, scheduled for shoot 3rd quarter of the year. Now posting.
  • Awards: Finalist in New York Festivals International TV& Film Awards. For Route Awakening Season 3.   At WorldFest Houston, Season 3 Route Awakening won Gold [Information & Culture] and Platinum for Best Trailer.   Best Branded Entertainment from Venice TV.

  • We moved.  Our address is now 06-01 Song Lin Building.  It’s nice and cosy. Do drop by.


  • A Route Awakening Season 4 now on air NatGeo Asia  Here’s the teaser.   This season, we’re looking into Bridges and it’s presented by Harry Yuan.

  • Just completed an epic 6weeks tour of China filming for Route Awakening, Season 4. TX end of the year 2017. Follow our instagram page for some pics.
  • Route Awakening Season 3 now on air at a friendly NGC Channel near you. Watch the Trailer here
  • Route Awakening Season 2 wins Gold Remi at WorldFest Houston for best Information series.
  • Gok’s Chinese Takeaway wins Silver Remi at WorldFest Houston for best Cultural Program series.
  • Route Awakening Season 2 wins Bronze World Medal at New York Fest for Route Awakening 2. Category: Best Documentary/Information Program, Cultural Issues.


  • New Chinese drama series K.O. premiers 5 December 2016 on Toggle
    • A girl who has taken too many punches in her life, decides it’s payback time…  with mixed martial arts.
    • Made it to the Finalist in online drama category at NYFest 2017
  • September- November 2016: Route Awakening Season 3.  Completed shoot that took place from Southwest Yunnan to Northeast Jilin province. We went through hot and humid to bone-freezing temperatures in a space of 6 weeks.
  • Route Awakening Season2 on Fox in Middle East. Here’s their trailer
  • Route Awakening2. May5 2016. Ep1 and 2 for China market, now on Weixian .
  • On Asia feed – the following
    Eps 1/2 – 19/5 8.00pm, 8.30pm
    Eps 3/4 – 26/5 8.00/8.30pm
    Eps 5/6 – 2/6 8.00/8/30pm
  • May 2016. Just completed a mega 70+ day shoot in Europe, Malaysia and Australia for an upcoming series for NatGeo People Channel.  The equally mega post production begins. Tx from July. Stay tuned.
  • April 2016. Ecstatic to have the accolades… Silver medal from NYfest and Platinum and Gold from WorldFest in Houston.
  • April 2016. Finishing up on Route Awakening season2 with Dr Jonathan Clements as host. Due to premier in China and from May, Southeast Asian feeds of NatGeo Asia.  Asian Feed for NatGeo channels include :
    Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Mongolia, Myanmar, PalauPapua, New Guinea, Singapore, Thailand, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Middle East- Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen